EBConsultants was established 1992 and is owned and operated by: Eldon R Brown SR; for the expressed purpose of providing support and Computer Consulting Services for our Customers and Clients. These Services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Automated System Configuration, Management and Best Practices
  • System Performance, Measurement and Reporting
  • Software Development and Methods
  • Custom Application and Web Interfaces
  • Online Diagnostics, Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution
  • Networking and System Security
  • Graphics Design Software and Programming
  • Printed Circuits Board (PCB) Design, Layout, Construction and Fabrication
  • Plastics, Wood and Metal Fabrication

The Operating Systems of choice includes; UNIX, HP-UX, Linux, Redhat, Mint and Ubuntu.

The "" domain name is the root of several additional internal and external virtual domains that provide; ssh, web, mail, app, ftp and publishing services for our customers. These services were initially provided via our own dedicated in-house servers, but recently, most of these services have be moved to the cloud.

The "" domain was established in 1995.



Many companies around the world have a similar domain names, or use variations of the company name "EBConsultants", these are NOT part of our company. We are only associated with the company name; "EBConsutlants" with a domain name of "".

The following are some similar, but unassociated, named companies, as can be found via Google:

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